Thesis Concept Statement

Context: what are your areas of inquiry, what are you studying, and why?

Sustainable Cities and Responsible Tourism

We are inquiring into how cities can be sustainable in order to overcome environmental, economic and social challenges. We are researching on how and why tourism can play an effective role in making cities sustainable. The impact of tourism on the environment and social structures. How they influence the standard of living and lifestyle of local residents. We are trying to understand how local governments and departments can play an efficient role in sustainable efforts.

We are studying this in the light of climate change and other environmental challenges that hamper the growth and life expectancy of cities.

Intention: what do you plan to make, and why? How is this making a response to your inquiry?

We plan to make a mobile application (potentially with a web component) that can be used by tourists to help them make responsible choices to help keep the cities they visit sustainable and resilient as more and more people keep heading into cities. We plan to consider gamification and Augmented Reality, include location services and motion recognition, and work in either swift, react native, or angular js. We are making this to respond to the problem of tourists contributing to the decline of cities. This app is making a response by informing tourists and nudging them (potentially through gamification and incentives) to make the better decisions for the city’s resilience.

Impact: what is the goal of your project, why is it important, and why should we care?

The goal of our project is to implement and have a flexible system in place that can be easily adopted by cities at a global level.

To get tourists interested in sustainable efforts while engaging them in experiences that make their travel seamless.
We should care because we live in cities and we love cities and want to keep them resilient, we also identify as tourists often and don’t want to be part of the problem- we want to help it.

Prototyping Statement

You refine your work through making, address the following questions:
What are the critical issues in your thesis?
What are the core issues in concept or central problems in making you need to overcome via prototyping?
A Proof of Concept prototype experiments with and demonstrates overcoming critical issues through making.