Short Project 1: Final Deliverables

Concept Statement

I am creating a social platform for two groups of people to connect and learn from each other: Syrian refugees with access to internet and citizens of countries that have not been as welcoming to asylum seekers, so that more refugees can get online and have the means to tell their story, and evoke feelings of real understanding and togetherness in the face of hardship and thoughts about how they can help end ignorance in these countries

Final Presentation


1. The Contributor:  A refugee who has reached asylum, now has access to internet, and is interested in telling their story, or talk about anything they want on a platform seen and shared by people in countries that have not been welcoming to asylum seekers.

2. The Supporter: The person in countries that have not been welcoming to asylum seekers, who is interesting in bypassing media bias in their own country about these people in understand the situation from the source. They are interested in connecting with these people, sharing their stories, commenting support, in an effort to end the ignorance surrounding the refugee crisis.

3. The Beneficiary: This person is not a VAS user. This person has not yet found asylum and has no voice.  This person has no access to the internet and requires it to help get them to safety. This platform includes the ability to donate to NetHope in order to help get these refugees connected, and the community helps to end the ignorance that stops these people from being turned away. 




"Regular" Sign in is bad wording. Instead, use one sign in that has a radio button where users choose whether they are "Refugees" or "Non-Refugees" and change the permissions based on which one they check off.

Add a one liner text box at signup where people can elaborate on who they are if they want.

too much text in presentation, don't read off slides

include more in depth personas

more user testing in terms of actual interface

explore the fine line between transparency vs. privacy more 



1. Wired article (incentive): "Google Donates Millions to Help Refugees Get Online"

2. CNN Article (research) : "Syrian refugees: Which countries welcome them, which ones don't"

3. The Independent article (research) : "British public among least welcoming in Europe towards refugees, according to survey"

4. NetHope (precedent + process)

5. The Refugee Center (precedent)

6. Humans of New York (precedent)

7. Quipp/ (research)

8. Quora (process)

8. Facebook (process): Helplinge + Berlin Refugee Help